Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oy! another month gone by

work has been less busy since the only program i've had was spring crafts and hop in your jammies. we made butterfly magnets, coffee filter flowers, and bunny puppets. it was fun! jammies had 7 kids and it was perfect for lots of participation. we did london bridges and ring around the roses and had fun animal masks and it was a blast. plus any part of work where i can wear my pajamas is a good thing! cool things - a patron gave us a check for $10,000 and crap i forgot the other thing, maybe it'll come to me.

done lots of fun things with the fam. went camping with my parents, aunt and her boyfriend. we went on a long and lovely kayak ride, watched blind side and talked by the fire. it was relaxing and i read a lot and it was only and little warm and buggy. i did miss brian a lot. it was the first camping trip without him. i didn't have anyone to climb trees with (and their was a giganitc oak tree!) and only could get mom to play yahtzee with me (she got 3 yahtzees in two games!) and no one to do dishes with. i missed his sarcasm and grouchiness and his sweetness and his expertise at putting the camper up and down.

went to trey's 4th birthday party at chuck e cheese. haven't been to one since i was 11 and it was way fun! i got to hold a beautiful baby and laugh and catch up with my church friends from my teenage years and eat pizza. trey was very cute, especially with the presents. last year he wanted to look at and play with everything as he was opening gifts and it took forever. this year it was how fast can i rip this stuff open and get to the next one. karen and justin and i stopped at babies r us afterwards and i got her present. right now i'm working on the invitations for her baby shower. they are green and pink and jungley.

mom and cat and i hung out saturday. we went to the quilt exhibit at the museum and saw lots o quilts. a few lovely and a few weird. some had so much stuff on them glitter and shells and applique and embroidery. quilting technique kind of hit the back burner. but there were a few that took our breath away with their amazing stitching and colors and perfectness. then lunch at crispers and michael's (more scrapbooking stuff-i can't stop!)

i have so many projects to work on. i am furiously trying to finish cat's graduation present. it's not gonna get done on time, but hopefully it won't be too late. i'm doing karen's invites and then trying to make something for the baby. i also need to work on her pregnancy album and a much overdue baby shower book for ishu. i mean her kid turns 2 in july, so it's a bit late. i also want to make a picture book for olive's bday. i'm going to spend a few days with them around memorial day, so i can take the pics i need for it then. however, my camera is on its last leg. i hopefully can get a new one for christmas.

i went to a jewelry party at emily's last week and am going to host one at my house in 2 weeks. a good excuse to work a half day and get my house clean. i got together with the library ladies at emily's saturday and had fun laughing and talking and catching up. i also saw emily's son aidan play football that morning. so cute. 5 year olds trying to pass a football is hilarious. they even have little cheerleaders!

i am very excited about my trip to see susan at the end of may. we are roadtripping to arkansas and maybe missouri this time. never been to either state, so i'll have more to mark off on my places i've visited map. i also booked a cruise for jodi and i in december. i got way more back from the irs than i planned, so i was able to do it. it is 5 nights, 6 days, key west (i've never been!) and nassau. jodi's never cruised and she'll be finished with her pre reqs for pa school, so its a little celebration for her. it was way cheap (not that i'm paying for jodi, i didn't get that much back!)

anyway may brings me doing 4 preschool storytimes, hop in your jammies, a computer info/internet safety class for some brownies (girl scouts), working the first and last weekend, a lunch out with carrie, a planning the shower meeting with kate, my jewelry party (if the girl will ever email me!), a camping trip to payne's prairie, mother's day, aunt susan's bday, bill's bday, cat's graduation (luckily we don't have to attend, cause she isn't walking!), my susan trip, memorial day at the beach with ishu, and the premier of sex and the city 2!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool me

work has been crazy this week. the manager and assistant manager have mostly been gone. that means i've been in charge. i've also been trying to get the summer programs firmed up. plus i get to answer hundreds of questions from my coworkers. today the facilities guys came by to put things together and hang things and it was non stop questions for hours. i will be glad when i'm not in charge tomorrow. the good part of all those questions? i finally got shelves and cabinents and my poster holder. i got to unpack lots of stuff and get a little bit neater and organized.

i have to work this weekend and am not looking forward to it. my back and leg are killing me and being on my feet all weekend isn't going to help. i have to make potato salad tomorrow night, for what i am looking forward to. saturday night the fam is getting together to celebrate dad and mom's birthdays and easter. dad turned 60 on march 25th! old man.

another fun treat for today was when a coworker came in the back and said a kid had puked in the children's area and vomit was not in her job description. i said no problem it was in mine. i went and got some little caution signs and the soak up stuff you sprinkle on yucky stuff and i followed her out to the tree in the kid's area. she pointed around the side, holding her nose and grimacing. and i looked for puke and there was nothing. she said apirl fool's! she got me good.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

baby stuff

mom, justin, karen, kate and i headed out quite early this morning to the mecca of baby stuff. we got the gun and started clicking around the store in a counter-clockwise attack. infant care took quite a while. bottles and cups and spoons and bibs and shampoo and lotion and thermometers and nail clippers and wiper warmer and boppy and video baby monitors ($$) and breast pads and nipple butter (seriously what it was called) and burp clothes and teething rings and on and on and on. then we went to justin's favorite the car seats, strollers, bounce seats, jump ups, pack and plays, high chairs and baby carriers.

justin has expensive tastes and likes the blues and greens of the nursery, while karen is paying attention more to price and trying to get some pink/feminine stuff since it is a girl. their theme is the jungle. the nursey has a white chair rail with blue on the top and green on the bottom. sam has painted a massive tree in one corner and so far there is a monkey hanging off. other jungle animals are coming. karen picked out a brown and pink car seat, but looking at their registry online, i see that got changed to a brown and green one. the bouncer is green and brown with monkeys, the jump up is blue and green, i think justin is gonna get the expensive stroller he wants which is navy and karen couldn't find the specific pack and play she wanted. it was fun watching them negotiate. justin is also all about saving the planet, so he wanted to get all the green products. karen is of course also concerned with being green, but only if it isn't insanely more expensive. i think they compromised well.

kate had lots advice of what worked with trey, mom had the expert advice of what she recommends to her wic clients and i was the 'remember the lighter stuff gets dirty quicker' girl. then we went on to the diapers. justin picked out some green huggies. cheaper than the really green ones, but better for the environment than the regular ones. then they eached picked out their diaper bags. they both went for eddie bauer ones. karen's is green and justin's navy. on to furniture. we narrowed it down to three crib sets. cherry, walnut and knotty pine. the cherry was the cheapest, but a bit dark. the walnut had lovely craftman features, which i personally liked the best. the knotty pine was more rustic which goes with new mexican decor in their home. kate in all her brilliance noticed a 50% sign on the knotty pine one. the crib was 1/2 off when you bought the whole set (crib, dresser, changing table). plus if you opened a credit card, you got 15% off the whole set. mom and dad also had given them $300 to buy the crib (which was less than that since it was half off) so when you add it all together that got a great deal! plus the bed is one that can change from crib to toddler to a double. also its sturdy and not babyish, so it could stay with the kid forever. so in the end it was the cheapest set and they ended up ordering it.

by now we were 2/3 done, but the pregnant ladies needed a long rest and some energy. so we headed over to ted's montana grill to eat some bison. i got a philly bison burger. it was very messy and a bit bland, but i also got bison chili and it was amazing! there was some confusion between mom and my tickets and i ended up getting my meal for free! then we hit the store for round 2.

there were four jungle themes for bedding. one was jungle and sports, which looked kinda strange. one was jungle and numbers and letters, which i thought was cute and educational. the third was lots of green and light brown and just jungle animals. the fourth was less babyish jungle animals and had more and darker browns, which mom liked. they agreed on the third one and got most of the accessories with it. then to crib/nursery accessories. sheets and blankets and matresses and crib pads and changing table pads and covers for those too. onto hampers and baskets to organize (green and brown) and stuffed animals (a monkey, giraffe, and gator), a monkey light plate and elephant night light. lots of hangers, a few toys to attach to the stroller and crib. an ocean themed baby gym (they decided not everything had to be jungle. they had picked out ocean stuff and a few elmo things for the bath).

last we hit the clothes. here is where karen finally got some pink. pink and purple and white hats and sleepers and onsies. also green and yellow with animals. pink socks and white ones too. there are some pretty cute outfits but we just got the basics, because people like to pick out what they think is cute and clothes are hard to find off of registrys. all that cuteness almost makes me want a baby. not quite, but it was the most maternal i'd felt in a long time. then we turned the gun in and got a print out of the 18 pages of stuff we'd registerd for. geesh!

on the way home we stopped and got some blasts from sonic. justin paid, so i got a day of entertainment, lunch and dessert for free. what a deal! weird thing, i saw two people from home. one pregnant with her little girl was headed to the bathroom while i was testing out the gliders and the other came into ted's with his parents. granted one just moved there and the other is about to, but come on. 2 hours from home and i still can't get away from people i know. i gotta move!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

having too much fun to spend time working

oh it's been so long. keeping busy as usual. had an amazing weekend in st. augustine with my roommate for her birthday. we walked up the lighthouse, had yummy seafood next to the bridge of lions, did the ghosts and graveyards trolley tour, watched men march and shoot old guns at castillo de san marcos, enjoyed a fabulous view from our hotel room and walked on the beach and all over the city. then home to go hang out with the library ladies. had a great time playing games and laughing hysterically.

i've been having huge numbers at my preschool programs. over 100 people. have my last one tomorrow. i've been working on setting up the summer program and today i got asl classes and a pet therapy dog for kids to read to. i also got my other library specialist so now i have two people to do programs with me. we are starting to get a bit more organized in the back office, i should soon have my shelves installed, which will make it possible for me to unpack about 10 boxes! it's been weird only working 1 night a week, i got so used to working late every night. with daylight savings i have so much sunlight to enjoy. its nice.

last weekend i went to orlando. ishu and i had appointments at aveda. it's a cosmetology school, so it doesn't have all the ooh la la spa comfort, but it's way cheap. i got a 45 minute pedicure for $15. plus the girl i got loves to do designs on nails and it wasn't extra. so i got cara mia crimson with a white daisy on each big toe. so cute! then lunch at crispers and shopping at lane bryant, tjmaxx, and ross. home for a nap and then people came over. justin made yummy wings on the grill and delicious sausage pizza. dan and julia brought spinach dip and made calzones to order! then scattegories and monkey bread. around 11 everyone left and the three of us started 'did you hear about the morgans?' justin was asleep in minutes and ishu soon dragged him to bed. so i ate strawberries and finished the movie myself. i liked it a lot!

this weekend karen, justin, kate, mom and i are heading to babiesrus. kate just found out she's probably having a girl too (its still a little early, but the dr thinks that's what the baby is). karen and justin want to register and since kate doesn't know what she wants to do with the nursery, she's gonna scope out some ideas. then lunch at some place that has bison burgers that justin's all excited about. only problem is i gotta be at karen's at 8am. i'm so gonna be late.

that's the big things i've been doing lately. gotta get better at keeping up with this!

Friday, March 5, 2010

boy or girl?

have a yucky cold with a nasty cough. i've had bad headaches the last two days, but today that was better. just crazy coughing. last night sam came over and we watched grey's anatomy and had dinner which was fun. this morning i got called in to work. we'd asked for overtime but it hadn't gotten approved til this morning, so i went in to work 11-1 and then i had lunch with karen and justin. then we went to get her sonogram. the baby is so cute. we got to see her from all angles. yes her! she's perfect. then i got to meet the midwife, jane. she is hilarious! she's from scotland so she has an awesome accent and is just so regular. lots of texting and phone calls ensued. so little marisa emma marshall it is. then back to work, home for sushi and internet time, talking to emily and sam on the phone and debra on facebook. now to read myself to sleep so i can be back to work at 8:30. oh crap i gotta go pay rent, i forgot it was the 5th.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


library is crazy!! the kids desk is good, but the front is crazy. hopefully next week when we have a normal schedule it will settle down. i'm sick of living out of boxes! i want storage! i want shelves! i want drawers! okay the whining is over now.

we had our first kids programs today. the little ones laptime had 18 people, which was great. then we had wii in the afternoon. it went pretty well. one little girl kind of took over and making everybodies wii. but they weren't too noisy. i just felt bad for a couple kids whose parents made them do homework instead. what mean parents! like homework is more important than playing games :) i have my first preschool tomorrow and it took forever to find the books i wanted in the many boxes in my office. wait that was more whining. here's one more thing, my dryer broke last night. it'll probably be over $200 to fix. luckily suzi let me dry my two loads of wet laundry at her place. actually she let me drop it off, dried it and folded it for me. what a good friend!

can't wait til friday. day off and going to see karen and justin's baby on the sonogram. gonna find out if its a boy or girl. then my roommie is going away for the weekend, so i have the apt to myself. even though i have to work, i get the place to myself for a little while. i'm thinking sushi and a romantic comedy.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

we did it!

the opening was a great success! we had hundreds of people in those few short hours we were open and the vast majority were super excited with the new features. it was fun to see all our regulars and people that didn't come to the temporary location. staff from other departments were amazing and so helpful and we couldn't have done it without them. the checkout lines were insane! at times they were the width of the library. but people were okay with it. parking was nuts, but no complaints there either. they were just so happy to have their library back! the kids area was packed with people. parents and kids were lounging all over the floor reading books together. kids were crawling around, playing with toys, hunting for books, playing on computers, and going wild on the new playground. the excitement was so contagious. it was one of the best times i've had being a librarian. i had a couple kids come hug me and tell me you came to my school and read to me. i think it is so funny how these little 3 and 4 year olds remember me months after i've been there. the moms say the kids insist they come to the library to see ms beth. how cute is that!

i'm glad it's over though. the weekend will be crazy i'm sure, but it will be nice to just be the regular people i work with and trying to figure out how to do our jobs in the new library. i'm ready for the routine of being a librarian. it will take awhile to settle in and get back to normal, but i'm ready for a little calmness. we'll see how quickly that comes. after it was over half the staff headed to las margaritas to celebrate. it was fun and loud and good to share our stories from the day. after that i came home and read and napped and read some more. have to be back at work in 7.5 hours, so i should probably go to sleep!